For Help


To qualify for assistance you must have two forms of identification. TAG can accept:

  • Photo ID for adult household members
  • Birth Certificates (Children 0-17)
  • Social Security cards for all household members (or tax returns showing SSN)
  • Picture work ID
  • Passport


You must provide proof of Proof of household income for the past 45 days. TAG can accept:

  • Current bank statement
  • Determination letter for Unemployment/TEC
  • Check stub (2 recent stubs)
  • Dated family assistance letter
  • Annual Soc. Sec statement
  • SSI or SS Disability
  • TANF/Food Stamps + Workers’ Comp.
  • Child support+ Recent Federal Tax Return
  • Any other means of income
  • Termination of employment


You must provide proof of hardship or documentation of crisis. Proof of loss must be within 30 days.TAG can accept:

  • Proof of a reduction of income (wage verification may be required)
  • Receipt(s) for a paid emergency expense
  • Loss of income (termination letter)
  • Exhaustion of savings (bank statement)
  • Landlord verification form (to be completed by landlord and submitted).

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